Forza Motorsport 4 met Audi quattro (1983)

Het blijft een begerenswaardige auto, die velen aanspreekt.
De Audi quattro sport uit 1983.
En het leuke je kan lekker met hem spelen en racen op Forza Motorsport.

Stel hem lekker in de sport kleuren samen en je hebt een zeer realistisch race monster gemaakt. Beleef net of je er zelf in rijdt in dit spel met de sport quattro.

The 1980s were famous for big hair, New Wave music, and most importantly, Group B rally racing. The wildly popular rally series featured some of the most highly developed racers to ever hit the dirt and snow. The Sport Quattro was a road-going derivative of the famous Group B Quattros that introduced all-wheel drive to rally racing. That means it enjoys a generous helping of nifty racing tricks: its shortened wheelbase and all-wheel drive grip give the Sport Quattro supernatural agility, the Kevlar body keeps weight down, and the huge turbocharger gives it superlative acceleration. In fact, despite its angular appearance, the Sport Quattro can muster a 0-60 mph time of well under 5 seconds, faster than many traditional supercars of the time. The one-two punch of the Sport Quattro and Group B Quattro firmly dismissed the notion that Audi was a tame automaker, vaulting the German company into the forefront of motorsports—particularly in the hands of Michèle Mouton, the most successful female rally driver of all time, and famed driver Walter Röhrl. The Quattros are so important to the company’s heritage that they retired the capitalized form of the name; the all-wheel drive system named after the ur-Quattro is now officially called “quattro.”

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