Een dag bij Audi Noord America

Onze verslaggever Bojan heeft een bezoek gebracht aan Audi Noord Amerika waar ze de allroad modellen promoten. Hij heeft even een indruk opgedaan en een foto-sessie gemaakt voor onze bezoekers.

Zoals je ziet is de Amerikaanse markt ook steeds verliefder aan het worden op Audi.
Hieronder zijn verslag in korte bewoordingen.

Audi TT RS met 360 pk.

Several weeks back Audi of America showed of some of their corporate vehicles to the public and presented the upcoming A4 Allroad to the potential buyers. Deliveries should start in August with starting price of $39,950.00  and customers will have only one engine and transmission to opt for. 2.0 TFSI with 211hp ( possible 220 for 2013 model year ) and a ZF 8 speed auto driving all 4 wheels.

Drive select is optional and interior might get a cheaper cloth version too. Allroad rides on A4 avant chassis with a front subframe out of A/S5 that gives it a wider front track. Body is wider as Audi has added the Allroad off road body kit that customers can request to be paint matched to the body of the car.
Driving the car on the roads of Northern Virginia, Audi of America’s home town Herndon and Reston town center area, first that have noticed that demo models were euro spec ones ( speedo in km/h and transmission is a 7 speed dual clutch one ).

The steering is nimble for a city driving and muc more precise than a normal avant. Ride is stif but comfortable. Seats hold and support the body as they should. A bit more noise was noticed as car was equipped with snow tires.

Allroad makes a perfect transition from a regular A4 avant to a taller Q5 sibling. It gives you a needed ground clearance and it is yet not just another SUV topically seen on American roads. It makes a perfect sense for a city driving, it is great on highways and long trips and a great in a need of an all wheel drive when America gets another snow blizzard that past years were pretty savage and put many on halt.
My test drive was quiet short but impressive. A4 Allroad is a car that can offer Audi prestigious quality that you would come to expect, it is a pretty car inside out, it is economical but yet torquey enough to merge to traffic on a I-495 or even overtake a Mustang on a TollRoad. It has plenty of power to smoke a Volvo XC 70 at the traffic light and even more of off road skills to get ahead of it on a ranch around a Midleburg. Audi has again made a unique car and set the bar higher for followers to try to reach it.

Wall of fame voor de Le Mans racewagen.

Audi A6

Audi A7 Sportback

Audi R8 Spyder

Audi A4 allroad quattro

Interieur allroad

Audi R8 met exclusive leder

Mooie allroad en R8

Thanks Bojan for the pictures & Text.

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