Audi reports engine-management irregularities with V6 TDI version of A6/A7, generation C7

  • Audi informed the Luxembourg vehicle registration authority and Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority last week
  • The monitor was immediately informed of the situation
  • Audi CEO Stadler: The result of internal investigations in the context of full clarification

In the context of internal investigations of the diesel issue, Audi has discovered irregularities in the engine-management software of V6 diesel engines of Gen2 evo (200 kW). These engines are used in A6 and A7 models of generation C7, which are now being phased out. The Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany and the vehicle registration authority in Luxembourg have been informed and deliveries of these cars to retailers have been stopped. The irregularities are to be discussed in detail with the registration authorities in the next series of discussions. The monitor at the VW Group has also been informed about this situation.
Audi CEO Rupert Stadler: “We regularly inform the Federal Motor Transport Authority about the results of our systematic engine testing program. We report any irregularities to the authorities because full clarification is our top priority. We did so without delay also in this case.”

The irregularities were noticed during the ongoing systematic tests of diesel-engine and transmission combinations. The engines involved are the V6 TDI Gen2 evo EU6 engine with a maximum output of 200 kilowatts, which is used in the A6 und A7 models of generation C7, which are now being phased out. After the irregularities were noticed, deliveries of the affected cars to retailers were immediately stopped. In addition, customers who have ordered such a model were notified. Approximately 60,000 cars worldwide are likely to be affected, but none in the United States. Audi will provide the software update to the vehicle registration authorities, either in consultation with them or as directed by them.

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