Audi neemt leidende rol op zich in bestuurderloos autonoom rijden

•Techniek voor bestuurderloos autonoom rijden in de stad in 2021 gereed voor eerste kleinschalige toepassing •Audi zet volop in op elektrisch rijden, vernieuwt tot medio 2018 vijf bestaande modelseries, breidt SUV-familie uit •Forse besparingen door […]

Awards for Audi from March to May 2017

Audi Q2 wins gold in Germany’s Biggest Ladies’ Choice Exactly 4,189 women with a driver’s license between the ages of 18 and 69 selected their favorite SUV at the behest of Bild am Sonntag newspaper […]

Pure racing atmosphere at Audi’s record appearance at the Nürburgring

•Eleven current customer racing cars at the endurance classic •Fourth overall victory for Audi in the crosshairs •Racing you can touch: fans involved in branding A new record for Audi at the Nürburgring: at the […]