New Audi Technology Magazine – of visionaries and schools of fish

• AUDI AG presents new technology magazine in Encounter series

• Board Member for Technical Development Michael Dick on technological change: “Things have never been as exciting, or so challenging.”

• Augmented reality infuses print product with impressive streaming images

How will we get around in 2050? What can cars learn from fish? Through spectacular images and fascinating stories, the Audi Technology Magazine takes an in-depth look at these issues and more. Taking center stage are the people behind Audi technology: the inventors and creators, the technology experts and meticulous perfectionists.

The auto industry is currently facing what will likely be the greatest technological change in its history. “I have been in the automotive industry for over 30 years, and things have never been as exciting as now, or so challenging,” says Michael Dick, Member of the AUDI AG Board of Management in charge of Technical Development. Connected cars, electrification, increasingly efficient combustion engines and lightweight design – these are the challenges facing Audi development engineers day in and day out. They are also the main themes of the Technology Magazine.

“The passion of each of our employees is – and will continue to be – the sustaining force behind our proverbial „Vorsprung durch Technik?,” Development Chief Dick stresses. The Audi Technology Magazine presents the people behind the technology, their day-to-day activities all the way from high-tech to handcraft, and their visionary ideas. In the first issue, for example, readers will discover how developers are reinventing Audi?s core area of expertise, all-wheel drive. And what engineers are learning from schools of fish.

Even the medium itself is high-tech: augmented reality (AR) blurs the boundaries between print and streaming image, between photo and video. A number of images in the magazine feature an AR logo. When readers scan these images with the camera in their smartphone or iPad, the mobile device identifies the photo and automatically launches the corresponding video. Images go from static to streaming, and portrait pictures become interview scenes.

“We are making technology come alive. Our ultimate goal is to create a publication that is accessible to everyone,” says Toni Melfi, Head of Audi Communications. Charts, animations and infoboxes guide readers through the magazine, and a glossary explains complex technical terms for laypersons. An Audi Technology Portal DVD is also included with the magazine. The portal provides in-depth information on numerous Audi technologies, presented in multimedia format.

The Audi Technology Magazine is the third edition from the Encounter series, which also features the Audi Sustainability Magazine and the Audi Environment Magazine. The Technology Magazine will continue to provide regular reports on new developments and technologies of the Audi brand.

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