MTM RS 5 pilot Thomas Schöffler has the speed, but doesn’t succeed


EThe Audi Italia RS 5 took pleasure in dominating the track at the third international racing series held in England at Donington Park. Gianni Morbidelli was victorious in both races and thereby not only left his fellow teammate, Swedish driver Johan Kristoffersson, far behind him, but even the well-equipped competition from AMG, BMW, Chevrolet and Maserati.


Eighteen-year old Thomas Schöffler made an outstanding impression behind the wheel of his MTM-tuned Audi RS 5, secured a first-row starting spot after the qualifying round, drove the fastest round in the first heat; with team colleague and former Formula One pilot Morbidelli ultimately coming in right before him. The potential of the combination of MTM technology and Schöffler’s driving expertise was clearly featured, but unfortunately the mandatory ignition spark didn’t fly at the crucial moment. Schöffler had to start from the pit lane, because his RS 5 wouldn’t get going at the start line. Schöffler ranked sixth at the end of the first race, but was demoted to spectator-status in the second race since the cable bug could not be discovered in time.


“Probably a faulty ignition box”, according to Schöffler and: “You’ll see me right up front at the next race in Mugello.” MTM boss Roland Mayer is pleased with the results from his first racing performance: “Racing – on any level – is not only about standing on the winner’s podium when it’s all over. The team is there to develop high-speed race-worthy components and to safely present them in time at the next race. That makes this an excellent learning experience for us.”


In the overall standing, which is led by Johan Kristoffersson, Thomas Schöffler currently ranks ninth. The next meeting of the V8 Superstars Series is scheduled for June 2-3, 2012 in Mugello.


Source; MTM

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