IAA 2015 foto’s van Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati



Bojan neemt ons nog even mee langs de IAA. Buiten Audi heeft ie ook bij de andere merken van de groep gekeken.

Zo wa er de nieuwe Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, de Porsche mission E concept en de nieuwe 911. Oo blonk de nieuwe Bentley Bentayga en de super sportwagen Bugatti Vision Gran Turimo.

Lamborghini – Lamborghini showed off a Huracan Spyder. Blue seamed to be a color of the show so Lambo painted their latest model in the same color as Ferrari did their new 488 Spider. Coincidence? Considering that one is a direct competitor? We’ll leave that to you. Spyder shares everything with a standard Huracan, it just looses a roof but gains some structural reinforcements for better frame rigidity. A V10 is producing 610 HP channelled via AWD system to all four wheels. Rumor has it that Lamborghini already took orders at the IAA.IMG_5484


Porsche – Porsche presented us with a redesigned and turbocharged 911 lineup and a Mission E concept. The latest is a 4 door 4 seater electric hyper sedan that up until dieselgate scandal was looking at the production green light. Now that prospect is under reconsideration since only high priority business moves are to be made by the whole VW group. Plus, Porsche has a new CEO that might think a bit different.

Also, someone at Porsche stand did mention that all new 4 cylinder turbo engine is being tested and shall be paced in Boxter and Cayman and that next generation 911 will get a four cylinder in a base model. It is also mentioned that the car will loose up to 200 kg!IMG_5488





Bugatti – Bugatti did not show Veyrons successor but did treat the visitors with an astonishing Vision GT concept car that shall be possible to buy only in a video game. Well known W16 quad turbo with 1500 HP is covering this futuristic hyper car. Price for a real world model would be in a 3 million Euros neighborhood. Since that was out of my price range, i tried to comfort myself at the Bugatti Boutique, just to buy a jacket, and that was only north of 500 Euros.





Bentley – Bentley has shown long anticipated Bentayga, a large and obnoxiously luxury SUV based on an Audi Q7.It is powered by Audis W12 engine well known from an A8 limousine and that is where everything else shared with Audi stops. Each model will be personalized to a smallest detail to suit a buyer.First model was already ordered by Queen of England, and some other celebs, sheiks and wealthy clients have been seen at Bently stand. Bentley said that a smaller V8 Audi engine is a possibility but likely to be paired with a hybrid set up. No word on diesel as that was a taboo on this years show.


Ducati – Ducati Monster was shown at Audi hall and did not really find many fans at this car event. Perhaps motorcycles should be shown at the bike shows?IMG_5598

VW – Aforementioned dieselgate scandal could be felt across the VW showroom. Even though, hostess and booth professionals were tight lipped about it and with a pleasant smile diverging the subject to an all new Tiguan that really grown up a lot from a previous model. E variant is to follow shortly.

Seat – Seat didn’t really prepared much for this show. Some R and FR models and a Cross Sport Leon powered by an Audi S3 300 HP 2.0 liter engine. It could be a production readied but also under some other sub brand.

Skoda – Skoda showed Superb Sport Line, Rapide Monte Carlo and there is a lot of talking about new Skoda SUV’s. Four of them. New Yeti is on the way, a redesigned Octavia, a seven seat SUV and an SUV coupe. Big plans for Czech company.


Thanks for the foto from Bojan.

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