Audi TT quantum grijs

Audi brengt in Europa online vanaf 5 juni exclusief 99 Audi TT quantum grijs edition op de markt.
Dit is een pilot om de online sales te promoten en voor de dealers.

De kleur is in quantum grijs en de motorisering is de 2.0TFSI quattro S tronic met 245 pk.

Audi takes e-commerce to the next level. Beginning June 5, 2019, consumers will be able to purchase new cars directly online. The first model to be sold exclusively over this sales channel is the Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition*. Customers can also inquire digitally and without obligation about leasing or financing and have the exclusively equipped, limited-edition model delivered anywhere in Germany. Audi dealerships are an important element of this initial pilot project for online direct sales.

After the successful launch of Audi’s proprietary platform for used car sales in fall 2017, the four rings brand is now starting digital sales of new cars. At, customers can for the first time ever directly purchase a model available exclusively online. “We are garnering experience and learning a lot about user and buyer structures through this pilot project,” said Martin Sander, Vice President Global Marketing and Sales.

The Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition is limited to 99 units and priced at 62,305.03 euros. The sales offer is valid throughout the European Economic Area. The model includes special equipment, such as the express red interior design package and partial matting of the “TT” clearcoat on the exterior. Both features are exclusive to this special edition. Buyers can have the car delivered at the time and place of their choosing within Germany. They can also have the vehicle registered beforehand with their desired license plate and inquire online about leasing or financing with no obligation. Audi Live Consultation is also being piloted with the special edition model. With a simple click, the customer is connected with a customer consultant, who uses augmented reality goggles to transmit live images to the customer from inside the vehicle. 

Retail dealerships are involved in the online sale of the TT Quantum Gray Edition. E-commerce for all models is an integral component of the new contracts that will enter into force in April 2020. And retail dealerships continue to play a key role for Audi. The emphasis here is on customer consultation and communication as well as service. “This much is clear: Online sales is just one pillar of future sales. Bricks-and-mortar retailing continues to be a strong and reliable partner for us even in times of digitalization,” said Sander. Together with the Audi dealerships, the company plans to market an increasing number of selected models online via an e-commerce shop beginning in early 2020.

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