Audi A8 gestyled door Hofele op de Auto salon Geneve

Hofele heeft voor de auto salon in Geneve de prachtige ”nieuwe” Audi A8 gestyled.
Met een heerlijke ontworpen bodywork. En dikke wielen in 20 of 22 inch keuze mogelijkheid.

Lees hier het persbericht:

The new Audi A8 (D4),with new styling by Hofele-Design.

At the same time as the presentation of new Audi flagship A8 at this years Auto-Salon in Geneva, premium-class designer Hofele-Design presents its styling & tuning range for this car.

The aerodynamic kit consists of:

– a new front bumper with big air intakes and air vents in alloy look, for pinpoint inflow of the intercoolers
– air intakes / outtakes in the front fenders,
– discreet side skirts,
– rear apron as diffuser with openings for the stainless steel sports muffler with four tailpipes and flap control for sound optimisation,
– Integrated, bigger trunk spoiler lip,

The technical tuning includes:

– lowering of the air suspension through our ETS lowering module, an electronically plug-in-system, with which the height of the car can be adjusted individually (lowering of 40 to max. 80mm). Each of the three serial heights are lowered and can still be chosen. If the car drives more than 80 km/h the serial height is restored to have the full comfort and spring deflection.
– wheels: Hofele designer wheels, type „PRADO“ in the size 9,5 J x 20“ with tires in the size 265/40R20 or size 10 J x 22“ with tires in the size 265/30 x 22.
– high-performance brakes with 6-pistons and bigger, perforated & slotted steel brake discs with internal ventilation, ceramic brake disc are optional.
– Increase of the motor power by optimisation of the engine management without additional fuel consumption:
– 4.2l V8 FSI (gasoline) with 400 PS / 294 kW and 475 Nm, acceleration: 5,3 Sec. 0 – 100 km/h, fuel consumption: 9,5l / 100 km
– 4.2l V8 TDI (Diesel) with 395 PS / 290 kW and 880 NM acceleration: 5,2 Sec. 0 – 100 km/h, fuel consumption: 7,6l / 100 km
– Interior: Individual, 2-colour leather with stitched diamond pattern (like Bentley-Classic-Type), with Alcantara roof and multimedia components.
– 2-colour leather steering wheel in R8-Look, with Carbon inlays.
– 2-colour painting of the car body, Maybach paint is optional.

The premium tuner Hofele-Design is situated near Stuttgart in Germany and has subsidiaries & business partners all over the world.

In the meantime Hofele-Design offers the widest product range for Audi.

Meer informatie: Hofele

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