Audi R8 van Evolution motorsports met 720 PK

R8 V10 – 720 HP Twin Turbo

The EVOMS R8 Twin Turbo is a true bolt on performance system which safely increases the R8 power to true supercar specifications.
Most enthusiasts agree and R8 owners will confirm that the R8 is one of the best true Supercars available today.

The only problem with the complete supercar package is the lack of RAW power.
We believe that we have created the ultimate Audi R8 – the one that should have been delivered to the enthusiast from the factory.
The missing RAW power of the stock R8 is now delivered by a meticulously designed and engineered EVOMS twin turbo system that produces 720 HP on pump fuel.
Our design methods used to create the ultimate Audi R8 Supercar include a systematic approach which maximizes strength, reliability and optimized performance for today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Still need more? We are currently building 800HP, 900HP and 1000+ HP R8’s.

Source: Evolution Motorsports

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