Nog wat pics uit Genève

Hier nog wat mooie foto’s van de afgelopen Autosalon van Genève.
Met Bugatti, Ducati, Bentley, Porsche, Audi en Italdesign.

Now that the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is behind us, we are looking back at what it meant and how much of an influence is it leaving on us, visitors and on a motor world in general.

Of Course that we primarily look at the Audi brand and related VW subsidiaries. And we all know that everybody and anybody related to VW doesn’t do to well nowadays. Yes, due to the dieselgate. So how did they all do at this years Motor Show. Well, not that bad at all. Everybody had enough to showcase at Palexpos floor. And just keep in mind that Geneva isn’t worlds largest but according to many, worlds most important Auto Show. And the number of visitors have definitely confirmed that statement. The show was packed. All halls filled with people. It was so crowded that taking a picture of the car was my major challenge.

So to start with Audi of course. Mentioning just one model is enough here. RS5. The car stood out among other models and left all other Audis in its shadow. Beautiful red and gray models with plenty of carbon fiber details, muscular wide body and large RS wheels were the eye catchers. Hardcore Audi fans will appreciate Porsche influence here ( Porsche fans as well ) but It still doesn’t give that nineties Audi RS2 look where it proudly wore Porsche name on the engine cover, brake calipers and some other minor details. It isn’t a wagon neither so for those craving for the originality, hold your horses for the RS4 avant launch. For now we know that RS5 is to deliver 336kW(450HP) from a 2.9 liter Porsche sourced engine. The power rise isn’t much when comparing it to the previous model but 125 lb-ft ( 170 Nm ) of torque definitely is a nice extra. Many frown when hearing that nicely designed gear shifter actually operates an 8 speed automatic gearbox rather than a well known Audis 7 speed dual clutch unit. I do understand that massive 600 Nm of torque isn’t healthy for the dual clutch unit but as much one can appreciate the torque as much as can berate Audi from taking an instant shifting 7 speed away. On the other hand, the car is really well built, interior is amazingly both comfortable and sporty with plenty of luxury details as well as plenty of carbon fiber. Speaking of which, my favorite detail is the one piece doorsill side skirt made entirely of carbon fiber. And that is out of one piece of carbon fiber! It kind of connects the interior and exterior of the car with an unique material that is being used inside the car as well as the outside and the engine compartment as well.

Now, when proceeding to Volkswagen stand, it was just impossible to miss the Arteon models. Awesomely styled, loudly painted and most importantly, in production form. Most of us agreed that it is even more handsome than Audi A7. You can choose between the 2.0 gasoline or diesel engine and soon an electric hybrid should be introduced. You also get a 4MOTION all wheel drive and a DSG transmission. R Line package is an option as well. Orders have started in Germany ranging from 30k Euros up to 50k. Roughly, it is 6k euros pricier than an equivalent Passat. It is a lot more money for a lot more panache. So for those who put design before the practicality, this Passat CC successor is a successful future of rolling in style.

An interesting thing happened at the Bugatti stand. One of the smallest stands at the show and with only one car to show chase. A mighty 1500 HP Chiron in a Royal Blue color with a carbon fiber lines protruding through the coat of paint. Bugatti was awarded with the Best stand at the show! Amazing! This says that quality and exclusivity goes ahead of quantity and affordability. Bugatti had their boutique at Geneva too where you could purchase car models, accessories and clothing. If you are short of cash to afford the Chiron, a model car could be purchased for only 8000 euros and it fits in your bedroom. And if you are like me and forgotten your jacket 1000km away, you could get a Bugatti branded one for as low as 550 euros. During the last days of the show, Bugatti even offered discounts on some items. 100 euros for the jacket with Bugatti logo really isn’t much.

When mentioning boutique brands, Bentley exposed EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept. And for the first time in a modern Bentley days, I want one! It is much smaller than anything we’re used to see from Bentley, it is a two seat roadster with an unknown propulsion. It could easily utilize one of the Audis V6 or V8 units and deliver an amazing driving experience. Something that is being lost with all the autonomous cars in the pipeline. This is a Bentley for drivers, not chauffeurs.

Porsche had put an accent on the Panamera Sport Turismo. It is a wagon-ish version of coupe-ish Panamera and it works! It has the looks, it has the function and it has more style than you can get from any station wagon on the market. I’ve never considered myself as a Porsche guy and never had a thing for wagons ( not even Audi Avants ). But this is an Avant that Audi is missing today. Great job Porsche.

Fastest production car on the ring was in Geneva too. Lamborghini Huracan Performante. What a car! Absolutely stunning. Lamborghini managed to get more power out of an already powerful V10 without forced induction, make the car lighter, handle better an overall go faster in every situation. Many car journalist have said how Huracan isn’t a real Lamborghini but more of an Italian made Audi R8. How it is tamed and supple. This Performante trim proves all those guys wrong. And I might be the first one to say this, but this Huracan might be a hint to an upcoming Audi R8 GT ( or whatever it’ll be called ). And while we await for the announcement of that one, Italdesign Zerouno shows how to blend Lamborghini and Audi into a race ready supercar. So it is an Audi R8 with an actual Lamborghini Huracan engine and an Italian style. Very fast!

And just to mention. Škoda and Seat, VW and Audi subsidiaries who had a lot to show, yet not much to deliver. Yes, both have a lot of cars on the Geneva floor, facelifts and upgrades. Nicer interiors, flat bottom steering wheels and yet a bit dull. Kodiak is a nice SUV. In both Sportline and Scout trims. And new Ibiza is really a nice city car too. But somehow, it is missing that Spanish “fuego”.

And just to mention Ducati, who had three motorcycles in Geneva standing right by that amazing Audi RS5. Problem was that it was allowed to ride ‘em. That being said, I couldn’t get close to those from all the people wanting to feel how to be a biker. That white one was really cool.

So, 2017 Geneva Motor Show is behind us. Overall, it was a great car event with a lot to see. Like I’ve said in the beginning, it isn’t the biggest one but it sure delivers. I’ll go back next year too and invite everyone to experience it at least once. It is a memorable experience and if Bugatti is offering a jacket for 100 euros, buy it! You’ll appreciate it when spending the night at G terminal of Vienna, Austria airport waiting 9 hours for your connection flight.

Thanks to Bojan for the fotos en tekst

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