Innovative on-board products for airlines: Audi Industrial Design cooperates with SPIRIANT

•Partners create new design solutions for flight cabins
•Focus on comfort and ergonomics for passengers and on-board staff
•Product premiere at the trade show “World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo“

Audi Industrial Design creates products for airlines. Together with aviation experts of SPIRIANT, the concept design studio of the brand with the four rings has drafted three collections for the premium categories of airlines. The collections are presented for the first time at the trade show “World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo”.

Both collections, “Smart Comfort” and “Relax & Recharge”, are focused on the well-being of passengers. A new sleep mask made of softshell upper material enables passengers to fall asleep while listening to their favorite tunes — regardless of their sleeping position. Therefore, the designers created specifically defined areas at both sides of the mask, into which the passengers can integrate flat speakers. By retracting the eye-cover, the sleep mask can also be used as a headband.

The Thermo Cape from the “Relax and Recharge” Collection provides relaxation on long-distance flights. The incorporated heat-emitting layer runs off a USB port and relaxes the traveler’s musculature. Thanks to the removable warming electric blanket, the cover can be easily cleaned.

With their flexible and adaptive fitting, the “Smart Comfort” Collections slipper socks are a solution for passengers with cold feet. It takes not more than two actions to transform a flat-folded band of cloth with a sole into a comfortable shoe. The adaptive material caters to ideal wearing comfort.

Another product is a newly developed seat cover. In an unfolded state, it covers up the whole seating area and, mounted to the headrest, prevents the seat cover from slipping out of place. Additional sleeping comfort can be provided through a light and 3D-knitted mattress.

The “Dine & Delight” Collection sets a clear focus on optimizing the workflow of cabin crews. A modular tray system with indentations for storing crockery and a drinking glass with a lid aims at simplifying the act of serving in the future.

The jointly developed products of Audi Industrial Design and SPIRIANT do not just target onboard services. Another potential field of application is the driverless automobile industry. “The comfort and well-being of passengers plays an essential role in both planes and piloted vehicles. This innovative way of travelling enables passengers to spend their journeys either relaxing or working, instead of sitting behind the wheel. In the long term, many of the developed products will be applicable to Audi models,” says André Georgi, Head of Audi Industrial Design.

At the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo (WTCE), Audi Industrial Design and SPIRIANT will present their jointly developed product portfolio for the first time. The largest trade fair for Onboard-services worldwide takes place in Hamburg, Germany, between the 4th and the 6th of April.

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