Video: Audi quattro Concept ontmoet de 1984 quattro Coupe


At this year’s Paris Auto Show in October, Audi celebrated the original 1980s Quattro’s 30th anniversary by unveiling the Quattro Concept. Soon after, rumors started flowing around that Audi plans to develop a production version of the sports car, which is loosely based on the RS5 Coupe’s architecture using a modified version of the RS3 Sportback / TT RS’ 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-five with 408 ponies.

Even though we’ve yet receive any official confirmation on the production model, the German automaker continues to release new material on the Quattro concept. This time, the Ingolstadt firm has published a new promotional film showcasing the design study as well as its spiritual predecessor, the 1984 Quattro Coupe. Watch the video right after the break.

Via: Car Scoop

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